All new Pixalere clients reach these milestones when implementing our software into their care process. A typical implementation takes approximately four weeks from the initial kick-off meeting to launch date.

1. Initial Client Consult & Kick-Off Meeting
Pixalere presents the work terms to the client. Once you’ve reviewed and signed a contract, we schedule a one-hour Kick-Off Meeting to discuss the opportunity, learn more about your workplace and care systems, and answer your questions. At the Kick-Off Meeting, Pixalere reviews the implementation steps. We ask you to identify who your company Champions will be. Champions are users who we train to use the software and who are responsible for training other users and providing support to them. We’ll also schedule our intended Go Live date.
2. Setup
During the set-up phase, we identify who the software users will be, and create a customized site for your company to use. We’ll send you a list of products typically used in patient care, and then we will walk you through the steps of uploading your own products into the software. 
3. Training
We implement unlimited online training for all site administrators, Champions, and provide clinical training for all users. During this time, we navigate your needs together. We implement the application into your current system and address any concerns and skepticism staff may have around technology and how it’s used with wound care.We integrate user feedback. Our agile team can modify and customize the application to suit your needs. User feedback helps us to improve the application for all of our clients.
4. Launch Preparation
Using the provided product list, you select and customize the content that will be used when the software launches. This enables users to mention products they’ve used on the patient, or add new products as part of the wound care process.If all steps have gone according to plan, we’ll announce the Go Live date to all users.
5. Pixalere Launch
All staff adopt the software and integrate it with work on their patients. We support you throughout the implementation and launch process and will ensure that you’re successful with integrating Pixalere to provide the best care for your patients.