Better tools for

Pixalere provides real-time access to the largest wound database in Canada. We’re also the largest provider of e-wound care in Canadian nursing homes. Our application allows for the delivery of standardized clinical wound care, in which all medical staff can follow clinical pathways and alerts.

Greater Efficiency

Our cloud-based wound care management system allows administrators to access vital information in real-time from any desktop or mobile device online. Pixalere provides a customizable interface for administrators, in addition to standardized treatment protocols and dressing prices. With up-to-the-minute information on the patient, healing times improve and complications like infections, hospitalization, and amputation are avoided, resulting in additional savings in treatment and product & administrative costs. 

Higher Quality Care

Administrators can create customizable wound care paths. Based on data collected on the patient, Pixalere recommends etiology and treatment plans utilizing automatically generated triggers. Our new prevention module assesses the crucial parts of wound progression at the right time, prevents errors, and saves time that can be redirected toward better care for patients.  

Better patient relations.

Patients benefit the most from our software. Although the patient isn’t our client, they are why we exist. Pixalere’s interactive educational tools help health care administrators inform patients of their progress. Patients gain the confidence to become active participants in
their healing.

Thorough support

Pixalere offers unlimited online training for administrators and 24/7 support should they need it.  Users can also join a Pixalere group in their area to meet with other professionals and collaborate on best wound care practices. We facilitate reporting on a national level, allowing you to accurately quantify the impact wound care has in your operations. Our new clients benefit from customized Business Intelligence reporting using data points our system collects, including costs, times and locations, and real-time updates on incidence and prevalence.