about the company

Pixalere believes in using technology to advance the health and well being of patients. We help nurses, wound care specialists, and administrators treat patients more efficiently through our peer-developed application, which has proven results in faster wound healing.

Our History

We created Pixalere in 2003 to provide a more seamless charting process for consistent wound care documentation. When we started, email was gaining serious momentum and the digital camera had just hit the market. Paper charts were common, and there was a limited amount of information collected. 

We knew that collaboration gets negatively affected and stalled in a paper-based system. By leveraging technology, we could see that communication sped up and quality of care improved. A picture speaks a thousand words, and the adage held true when healthcare workers exchanged digital images. Collaboration enhanced as staff viewed charts from anywhere and shared how to best care for patients. The ability to compare images over time and show the patients’ healing engaged them to a greater degree. These efficiencies proved faster healing results.

Over nearly two decades, we developed our software by working directly with thousands of nurses, clinicians, and other experts to suit their ever-changing needs. We leverage the support from a nationwide group of specialists through a Pixalere User Group (PUG), which meets monthly online to work towards better—and ultimately best—practices. Training guides, systems, and stories have been shared between users within this group for years. Leaning on these peers—some of whom have years of user experience—has been valuable and instrumental in successful implementations of our software.

Our company strengths lie in the partnerships we’ve formed and the agility we have to grow with our clients. Our team can modify Pixalere to suit the client’s individual needs. We have one of the greatest support systems in place, which is hugely important when working towards a shift to technology. We could not be where we are today without our clients.

Today, our application is incredibly robust, and a two-page paper chart has been replaced with a system that allows for much more patient-specific data collection. We’ve walked through many scenarios over the years, and we have systems in place to cover potential risks and ensure clients are comfortable relying on Pixalere. We’re proud to share how far we’ve come.